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Series in Applied Sciences. Volume 1, Year 2018

Series in Applied Sciences. Volume 1, Year 2018 - Universitas Studiorum

Mathematical Modelling, Numerical and Data Analysis

Edited by Margherita Carletti

176 pp.; Euro 20,00

ISBN 9788833690445


Table of Contents:

- Modelling the Role of miRNAs in Glioma Cell Promotion, Proliferation and Invasion, by Francesca Colantonio & Margherita Carletti

- Biochemistry and Technology of [18F]-Flutemetamol for the Amyloid Pet Imaging in Alzheimer's Disease, by Dinahlee Saturnino Guarino & Filippo Martelli

- Production of Collagen I and Fibronectin in Human Fibroplast and Adipose Derived Stem Cells Trated with Ascorbic Acid, by Tommaso Andreani 

- Modelling Heterogeneity in Epidemic Models for an Homosexual Population, by Valentina Meschini 

- On Some Practical Issues Related to Nonnegative Matrix Factorization in Microarray Data Analysis Context, by Nicoletta DEl Buono & Flavia Esposito 

- Runtime Complexity Estimation for Accurate Solution of Linear System, by Mark Sofroniou and Giulia Spaletta 

- New Methods of Classical Loci Determination, by Spaletta, Daniele Ritelli and Aldo Scimone 


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